The triple bottom line: Yale's outreach to the business world.
Yale University campus
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This week we will start to to tie in my sustainability business articles here with radio shows we produced for the Renewable Now Network. Which had a great host, of course ­čśŐ. We begin with this excellent episode in which we profiled Yale’s outreach to the business world on using the triple bottom line to advance a company’s revenue and net income.

Many key points here made by the guest are even more relevant today. Let’s touch on a few and see if the status is the same in 2023:

  1. Business enabler…in essence, expertise in good stewardship… drives great financial success for companies.
  2. Very interesting comment here: Sustainability is not so much about what you don’t do, but what steps you take to get better. It reminds me of how we need to live in faith. And engage in relationships.
  3. Trying to be good in ESG is, in fact, a proactive force, as told here by Molly and Tod, in driving great improvements inside any organization. And encourage employees to jump on board.
  4. Good news here that we have seen continue since this was recorded in 2017–money continues to pour into renewables, efficiency, and impact investing. Consumers spend smartly, too.
  5. How about this…what do visitors see when they stop at your office or campus? Any evidence of waste management, energy efficiency, using organic materials for cleaning, or lawn care…? If not, you are a fraud.
  6. On a college campus, all students, not just environmental science majors, participate in the school’s green program. In fact, MBA’s are as enthused as any. That mix brings kids together. Spurs cohesiveness. How good if all businesses felt the same passion around teamwork. And communities.

There’s plenty of other nuggets here. Thanks to Yale and their skilled teachers, programs, and dedication to better management. That includes dissecting brand influence, the mechanics of transforming, collecting the right data, and improving your odds of being a vendor to a larger company that seeks good corporate citizens.

The business side of green, therefore, starts early in life. Continues in school. And manifests as our influence in the world increases.

This segment clearly adds to your understanding of our brave new world.


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