Widespread carbon accounting comes to the international moving community

"Keep on trucking." How often do we hear that in the moving business? But now, thanks to new innovation, we can do that better and cleaner than ever.
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Carbon accounting in the international moving community has finally taken hold. And there’s no time to wait because, as we know, worldwide relocation can be rough on Mother Nature. For a move, we need to ship on cars, trains, port facilities, and planes, and we, along with the customer, despite our efforts to minimize this impact, create a lot of waste. For many years, Arpin has been a leader in recognizing the sustainability story and both measuring and reducing the numbers. But we remain part of the problem.

So, we are happy to see that in 2024, this issue has jumped up to a major industry focus and challenge. A well-known moving organization based in Europe has grabbed the lead in providing the right platform for its members to fully carbon-account its operations. Including all suppliers. While providing guidance to us on being as comprehensive and complete as possible. Which means our reporting has full transparency. And consistent across all brands.

This is a wonderful milestone for an old segment of the economy. Once we understand our “as is” condition for carbon emissions, we have all the tools required to get after the fight to do more with less. Which helps us continue our role as a critical component in a family’s international moving trek across the world with their household goods. A guide to them. But now, we are an even greater resource to that client as we perform our work in the most efficient manner possible.

Kudos to all involved in bringing sophisticated carbon accounting emission tracking to so many good international moving companies who care very much about environmental impact. And how does this help the consumer? Well, we believe the day will come when buyers make a decision on where to spend their money, primarily on that company’s impact story. Clearly, carbon accounting data like this will help them get to the truth of those claims.

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