Want to experience the most iconic countdown? Singapore will blow your mind!

By many people, Singapore is considered to be the jewel of Asia, and its residents agree that it looks its best around New Year's.
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Singapore is impressive with its diverse and vibrant cultures: Chinese, Malay, and Indian ethnic groups. Each of the ethnic communities maintains its unique way of life, harmonizing life with representatives of other cultures. The influx of foreigners over the past few years has given Singapore a cosmopolitan image and multicultural life in Singapore. Given its unique mix of cultures and peoples, Singapore has a busy but fantastic calendar of events with holidays and celebrations throughout the year. Festivals range from religious celebrations to social and cultural celebrations and sporting events. 

New Year’s is regarded as the most significant holiday for the people of Singapore. Most of it is celebrated in the Chinese way, so even according to the traditional lunar calendar, the New Year is celebrated for 15 days. During that time, the country is decorated with wonderful lanterns and decorations. Singaporeans even decorate residential buildings and shopping malls. 

Prior to New Year’s eve, Singaporeans do traditional shopping to buy gifts for their loved ones, and they organize dinners where they bond with friends and relatives. For those who love nightlife and dancing, the best party is at Marina Bay, which attracts the most tourists. The most popular waterfront events are “The Marina Bay Singapore Countdown” and “Siloso Beach Party” in Sentosa, and these places offer various celebration options for everyone. For example, for those who love theme parties, if you want to welcome the new 2023 year in an Old Hollywood style, you might consider attending the most iconic celebration from 57 floors up at CÉ LA VI. This restaurant is regarded as the best place for sunset-silhouetted cityscapes and fireworks. All you have to do is bring a good mood, dress to impress following the Old Hollywood theme and do a champagne salute at midnight with your friends.

Singapore fireworks, iconic celebration of new years eve at Marina Bay
New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Singapore

The main indicator that shows the significant number of visitors is that many hotels and restaurants make reservations months in advance. The biggest spectacle is reserved for the last few minutes of the “old” year, when many people collectively do the final seconds countdown aloud. As soon as midnight strikes, hundreds of fireworks are set off, which create an utterly unreal sight from the panorama of Singapore. In addition to traditional celebrations, a unique aspect of New Year’s celebrations in Singapore is Chun Yei, a month-long preparation for the New Year. Before this ritual, people clean their houses and grounds and hang a picture of Chun Lian upside down. According to Singaporean and Chinese traditions, in the last moments of the old year, people bury all problems and sorrows and invoke optimism and happier times. The New Year is considered the beginning of a better future and a kind of life purification.

If you are looking for a perfect place to move internationally, and your standards are: cosmopolitan areas, vibrant culture, business opportunities, and family-friendly and breathtaking landscape, Arpin recommends visiting, exploring, and considering this extravagant place. New Year’s Eve is a perfect occasion to fall in love with Singapore!

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