Triumphing Talent In the Great Resignation Era Starts With Flexibility

Competing for Talent? Arpin’s Affinity program can give you the edge you need.
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In the Great Resignation era, companies are facing increased competition for talent. At the same time, prospective employees view their work expectations through a new lens. According to *Harvard Business Review, 88% of workers say that when searching for a new position, they will look for one that offers complete flexibility in their hours and location. Therefore, adding a moving benefit to your total rewards program is critical to attracting, recruiting, and retaining talent.

Arpin Affinity provides your employees with the perfect blend of high-touch technological interaction and personalized moving solutions synonymous with Arpin. Our advanced processes and dedicated move counseling services empower corporate employees to make intelligent decisions when allocating their lump sum moving budget.

And during the Great Resignation Era, don’t take our word, read what actual Arpin Affinity customers are saying about their Arpin moving experience.

Joe F., FORTUNE 500 Medical Devices

“I have to say, this entire experience was 100% seamless and perfect. You would think moving across the world may have some hiccups, but we did not experience a single one. Thank you to you and your team for making that all possible! Best wishes.”

Daniel K., FORTUNE 500 Pharmaceutical

“Today, I had a pack and pickup for international air freight, and the two-man crew that came was awesome. They were very prompt (right at 8 am, beginning of window), courteous, diligent, efficient, careful, and I felt they did an excellent job. I wanted to pass along because good customer service often goes unnoticed. They were great. Very pleased.”

With Arpin Affinity, you can rest assured that your employees are receiving the attention they need and deserve. Our professionals will take them step-by-step through the moving process to avoid the pitfalls many assignees encounter when planning a self-directed move. And you can be confident that your employees moving experience will be positive, protecting your department’s reputation and freeing up your time to focus on your core business.

Your company may be eligible to earn cash-back credits. Want to learn more? Stop by Arpin International Group’s Door Activation area at the Worldwide ERC‘s GWS to get all the details on how you can take advantage of this innovative service.

*What Your Future Employees Want Most, Tim Minahan, Harvard Business Review.

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*AIG does not service COD customers inside the US.  The domestic pricing offered here is for corporate and related referrals from clients under agreement.

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