Here is the list of TOP 5 best practices for moving with pets to help your little sidekick quickly get through the move.
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Moving is a huge event for your family and, of course, for your cat or dog. With moving into a new home being one of life’s most stressful events, it can be even more of a worry when pets are involved. Something we all should be aware of is that, just like us, animals can feel stress too. They are our babies, and we should treat them (and move them) the way we treat our family. That means taking good care of their emotional and physical well-being is mandatory! Here is the list of TOP 5 best practices for moving with pets to help your little sidekick quickly get through the move.

Schedule a Pre-Move Vet Visit

Whether you are moving across the state or the country, your pet’s veterinarian will likely not be nearby anymore. Not only will you want to be sure vaccinations are up to date, but you’ll also have the chance to double-check your dog or cat’s overall health. Because a big move can be stressful, ensuring there are no underlying health problems that may pop up mid-move is a smart idea. Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your furry family member.

Before moving with pets, update ID Tags

Be prepared for anything. Moving day can be hectic, especially for animals who don’t realize what is happening. Never underestimate the possibility of something going wrong during such a specific task. If somehow you end up being separated from your beloved pet (though this is rare, and we hope you don’t), you will want the person who found them to know where your pet’s new home is. Before moving, be sure to update all of your animals’ identification tags or microchips. This way, you can be prepared should anything happen to them.

Keep them Occupied

Both during the packing process as well as during moving day itself, try to keep your pets distracted with a toy or keep them in a room that they are comfortable in. Be sure to post a sign on the door indicating that your pet is inside, so the movers don’t accidentally open the door and let your pet out. You may even consider having a family member take them to the park. During a move, your pet will realize that something different is happening. Some pets deal well with this, while others do not. Either way, have a game plan for keeping your dog or cat occupied. The less time they have to stress, the less time you do.

Make the Kennel a Safe Zone

If you are moving long-distance, you will likely be stowing your pet in a kennel for transport. Some pets love their kennel and consider it a safe space for them. Others may be a bit weary. Get them used to the space ahead of time if they aren’t already. Work on introducing your furry friend to the kennel or crate space a few weeks before moving day. Throw in some treats or toys they love and lay down a soft blanket. If you’re lucky, they may even start going in and relaxing all on their own! So, when it is finally time to go, they will be less anxious about staying in their designated moving container.

Create a Space for them in Your New Home

When the day finally arrives, and you are all moved in, consider giving your pet a space of their own. Being in an unknown environment is scary, especially for your pet. Pick a corner of the living room or bedroom, or give them their own room entirely if you have the space. Some of us love our pets that much! They will need a comfy space with their familiar scent. Similar to their travel kennel, be sure to include all of their favorite things so that they will know that this is their own safe space.

After following these quick and easy steps, you are sure to keep your pet’s nerves at a minimal level, and hopefully yours too! Having one less thing to worry about during a big move is always a plus, right? If you’d like even less weight off of your shoulders, consider hiring a professional moving company. Get to know us to learn why our 120+ years in the moving industry is your best option for moving you and your pets!

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