Taking Multiple Approaches Accelerate Your Green Journey

It takes targeted investments and multiple approaches to accelerate your company's green journey.
Solar Array HQ Arial View
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One of the things we’ve learned in our green journey to do more with less is that this effort is very diverse, takes multiple approaches, and evolves/flows as the science and engineering matures. We can see this again here taking a look at some recent investments/improvements by companies (looking more at trends than individual organizations) as they clean up their operations. And become more Earth-friendly.

Let’s take a closer look at some success stories:

  1. We see some marked advances in transportation efficiency.
  2. This is very gratifying: Businesses restructuring their supply chain around finding ESG-orientated partners. Axing vendors who don’t make the effort to meet today’s lofty standards of responsibility.
  3. Many groups, including us here at Arpin International Group, buying into wind and solar projects. Some on site; others off. All producing high levels of clean energy. Pictured above is an aerial view of a 174kW warehouse rooftop solar array installed at Arpin’s HQ.
  4. A big push, across the globe, in commercial real estate in making these large buildings extremely energy efficient. Wonderful progress here. This is a leader in ROI on streamlining and cutting waste.
  5. Very interesting approaches to mining materials. With less damage to the dug area. And, reclaiming old mines and using them for renewables.
  6. Many companies feel as though they can better attack ESG challenges with a more diverse work group. And so they hire with those goals overriding others.
  7. Fortunately, money continues to move from other buckets into the impact funds. Fueling a lot of this innovation and improvement. Giving shareholders comfort.
  8. We see products getting redesigned to last longer and be recycled back into life when discarded.
  9. Other components manufactured at a lighter weight and demanding less energy to power them.

What do you notice here? Any common themes?

Not really, right. Lots of new approaches, fresh eyes, simple upgrades that will have material impact. I think that is a lesson for all of us. Improvements don’t need to be dramatic. Or cookie-cutter. A fresh approach, using very different means and techniques, add up to each of us doing our part. And, collectively, tipping the scales in favor of ecological stewardship. A very wide lens of self-evolution.

What are the opportunities for you to jump into this new, complex puzzle? As a buyer, producer, consumer, innovator? Are there areas here that really ignite your passion and imagination?

For AIG, it reaffirms our decision many years ago to attack this issue using multiple approaches in our green journey. We have a long litany of changes implemented at Arpin that add up to a very good ESG provider. And we are excited to see the doors are just opening for us to push ahead on new frontiers of green.

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