Take an exclusive peak inside Arpin’s International Holiday Recipes

Learn how to choose the perfect Irish cheese for your dinner, to make the best America's traditional egg nog, and to prepare Britain's mint sauce, Serbian bread, Germany's delicious cookies, and incredibly tasty Biryani from India!
Serbian, Irish, Britain, German, American and Indian dishes for holiday dinner celebration

Learn what recipes are being cooked in Arpin’s International holiday kitchens. Many people look forward to New Year’s holidays precisely because they will enjoy rich and delicious food. They also say winning someone’s heart is much easier if some exotic dishes are included. It is also believed that certain foods served on New Year’s Eve have magical effects and may bring good luck in the coming year.
Our international moving experiences have given us a lot of knowledge about different cultures and their cuisines. Our company counts people of many nations and religions who selflessly share the treasures of their countries and cuisines. It makes Arpin an inspiring workplace and a company that can brag about the most diverse cuisine!
In the following text, read what is being prepared in India, Serbia, Germany, America, Britain, and Ireland during the New Year holidays. Also, if you wish one of these international dishes would be on your table, our employees added the recipes to this blog post!

ENGLAND, or Have You Tried Mint Sauce Yet?!

Besides the famous tea traditionally drunk around 5 p.m., the most famous island country has exceptional cuisine. Lovers of fish, poultry, or beef are often delighted with the special sauce the islanders have been preparing and serving with holiday meals for centuries.

Mint Sauce
Mint Sauce

Another specificity of English cuisine is this famous sauce.

You will need:

·      1 bunch of fresh mint

·      1 spoon of sugar

·      1 glass of water

·      3 tablespoons of wine vinegar

·      salt and pepper to taste

How to make the sauce:

Wash the mint, drain, and chop well. Add sugar and continue crushing until a thick mixture is formed. Add a glass of water, vinegar,  salt and pepper to taste, and then let it cook. Before serving, strain it through a thick strainer. Serve the mint sauce with beef loin, thigh, boiled fish, or poultry.

Ireland and its delicious cheese selection  
Irish Cheeses

Ireland cheeses delight with the combination of quality and taste. The Emerald Isle is known for its fairies and incredible holiday stories and its premium dairy products. Because of the increased demand, cheese production has become a top-rated business in Ireland.

This might be a good insight for those thinking about changing professions or moving abroad! Many kinds of world cheeses have Irish origin, but those kinds that are a ‘must try’ can be found exclusively and only in markets within the country. If you want to enrich your holiday table with Ireland’s special cheeses, here we made you a list of those that can be found around the world: 

  • Lock Blarney. Known in more than 80 countries! This cheese is made from pasteurized milk and has a semi-soft texture and a delicate taste. 
  • Ardrahan. This is a product of County Cork, from the southern part of the country. It contains pasteurized milk as raw material and has a semi-soft texture and a mild taste of nuts. This cheese tastes very similar to the popular Swiss AppenZeller.
  • Boll. This one is made from a combination of goat’s and cow’s milk. The Irish use it as picnic cheese, traditionally used to prepare snacks. In Ireland, you can find it packaged in glass jars along with herbs, sunflower oil, and garlic.
  • Dublin. This one was named after the capital of Ireland. Its taste is reminiscent of mature cheddar, with a slightly sweet flavor reminiscent of Pormigiano-Reggiano. 
  • Cheddars. Made in County Limerick, its basis is pasteurized cow’s milk and other flavors. The main difference is that it looks like marble in the context of the product.
  • Durrus. Chee