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We’re proud to introduce you to Peter Arpin. Peter is not only our President, but he is also our GREEN GURU, a person who is truly passionate about protecting the environment and acts upon his beliefs.

Peter Arpin, President, Arpin International Group
Total Carbon Removal
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In 2010, Arpin began its carbon footprint reduction plan.

Total E-Waste Diverted
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Organized public collections to keep e-waste out of landfills.


No other moving company comes close to Arpin's Green History

In today’s environment, it’s important to do business with socially conscious companies and be aware of issues that are affecting all of us. For Arpin, GREEN IS IN OUR DNA! We consider environmental protection and sustainability to align with our overall goals and values and an important consideration in our operations. We’re proud of our achievements and the positive impact they have made that began over a decade ago. Here are just a few:

Very First EV Charging Station

Arpin makes history by installing the very first Electric Vehicle Charging Station within the state of Rhode Island, USA.

Hybrid EV being charged - Arpin installed the first EV charger in state of RI
Creates An EV Truck Company

Finances and helps to build eNOW, an EV company that focuses on eliminating CO2 emissions from the transportation industry.

Peter Arpin, President, Arpin International Group, conducting an interview with the owners of enow
Green Transformation

Arpin completed its global headquarters’ major construction and green renovation project, transforming it into a carbon-neutral workplace.

Arpin Group signage at corporate headquarters


years of experience
Commitment To Our Environment

Our employees reflect our values and are helping to set an example for others.

Making An Impact

The Earth is what we all have in common. We all need to be stewards and lend a hand.

Throughout our existence, we have generated enormous effort and commitment to preserving the health and beauty of our planet. Our actions have influenced our employees, clients, partners, and businesses to start acting and thinking green. When it comes to Mother Earth with have two simple codes:


Our intentions and acts need to be humble and sincere, knowing that there is a true balance in nature and all living things.


Understanding that we need to be responsible and treat Mother Earth the same way we treat our own family.

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Would You Like to Learn How Arpin Transformed Their Company?

Companies that participate in the global shift to renewable energy, decarbonization, and green transformation today,  will reap benefits tomorrow.

Make Money By Saving Money

Going Green isn't just smart for the environment. It's also smart business and good for your bottom line.

Where To Begin

The first step is always the most difficult, but you can learn from our experience and capitalize even further.

Actions That Produce Positive Results

Arpin International Group's World Headquarters is Carbon Neutral

We’re a true global leader in reducing emissions, driving fleet efficiency, waste reduction, and operating a robust recycling program to reduce any waste associated with our global operations to an absolute minimum. We do all of this for you, our customer. To bring you the best value in moving and to do so while preserving our natural resources and shared world.


Installing a solar roof helped Arpin continue to reduce their carbon footprint and reduced their electric bill by 80%.


In 2012, Arpin Headquarters performed an energy assessment and as a result, converted all their lighting to energy-saving LEDs.


In 2017, Arpin Renewable Energy helped establish the first municipal wind farm in Coventry, Rhode Island.

Arpin Renewable Energy logo on an led light bulb
solar panel
EV charging station

Building A Green Team Will Help Your Company Down The Sustainability Path.

It’s essential in today’s day and age, with the changes we see to our environment, that companies take action to help make a positive difference. A good first step is creating your own Green Team.