Guide to Moving


To help prepare you for your upcoming relocation, our International Move Coordinators will provide each transferee with a helpful “Guide To International Moving.” This booklet is designed to take you step-by-step through the moving process to help facilitate a smooth and successful relocation.

Arpin International Group’s assets and resources center around a staff of dedicated relocation professionals, many of whom have lived and worked overseas. Supporting our dedicated staff are our global network of ArpinACESSM (Agents Committed to Excellent Service) and the STAR program, a state-of-the-art computer Shipment Tracking And Reporting system.

Arpin International Group assigns a dedicated International Move Coordinator (IMC) to oversee each relocation. Our teams of IMC’s are day-to-day move managers who take the time to listen to the needs and concerns of our customers and discuss, address, and manage the expectations of each move. They make every attempt to be available at all times either via phone, fax, or email. Their personal investment in, and accountability for smooth, convenient moves are unparalleled in the moving industry.

In addition, time-sensitive prompts built into our computer system automatically trigger timely activity, ensuring swift and effective moves. Close and continuous door-to-door supervision of each individual relocation helps to anticipate and address potential problems, minimizing delays and reducing to an absolute minimum, the high per diem expenses associated with global relocation.

At Arpin International Group, our advanced tracking system combined with our IMC’s genuine desire to provide a flawless, carefully-managed relocation, results in Arpin International Group delivering consistently high levels of customer satisfaction.