Service Interruption Alert Update – The Holy Month of Ramadan Has Begun

May 06, 2019

With the observance of the moon on 5 May, the holy month of Ramadan has begun and will continue for the next 30 days, followed by the national holiday of Eid al-Fitr. This time period is considered the most important month of the year in the Muslim calendar which extends to many middle-eastern countries and territories.During Ramadan, customers should expect delays as working hours are drastically reduced andcustoms and other government authorities operate with reduced staff.

Additionally, with the upcoming summer months, crews in the UAE will not be working outside or loading during the hours of 12-3 pm during extreme heat once the loading ban and restrictions have been announced by the UAE government (usually from mid-May onwards through the summer). The government takes these precautions to protect the health of workers as the temperature inside of containers can get up to 10 degrees hotter than the outside temperature, which can often be over 50°C / 122°F in the summer months.

Your Arpin service team is aware of our partners’ operating schedules and will plan services accordingly.