Severe Congestion Expected to Impact Shipments Moving Through the Suez Canal

March 24, 2021

Extreme congestion is already impacting container ships moving through the Suez Canal due to a large cargo vessel becoming stuck while attempting to pass through. As of Wednesday, 24 March, more than 100 ships were waiting at each end of the canal which carries roughly 10 percent of worldwide shipping traffic. Port officials have partially refloated the vessel blocking the shipping lane and are working to move the ship along one bank of the canal.

Consequently, we are advising customers with shipments moving through the Suez Canal, the waterway connecting the Red Sea to the Mediterranean, to prepare for some delays as well as various other charges that may be assessed.

Your Arpin service team will be contacting all customers impacted by the delays to set up individualized contingency plans. We will continue to monitor the situation and do everything possible to manage the relocating families’ expectations to the best of our ability.