Update to Recent Argentina Customs Changes

March 26, 2021

Arpin’s supplier partners in Argentina have provided us with an update to the recent customs changes effective retroactively to 1 February. We initially reported on 18 February that Argentine Customs imposed new duties and taxes on exported household goods and articles of personal effects. The applicable tax equal to 12% on appraised value by customs. 

Although Argentine Customs have made no public announcements since then, our supplier partners are reporting that the following categories of shipments are NOT suffering delays and are being processed and approved:

  • Air shipments (taxes and duties may apply; official documentation is provided after payment).
  • Diplomatic shipments of any sort (must have a diplomatic franchise).
  • Foreign nationals returning to their home countries that had a temporary import admission and are now re-exporting the same volume and weight of household goods.
  • Household goods shipments owned by shipper’s holding permanent visas issued by the country of destination.

Shipments that are being put ON HOLD until customs define criteria:

  • Argentine citizen holders of temporary visas at the destination country.
  • Argentine citizens with dual nationality moving to a European country must produce proof of registration at a Town Hall of destination to get approval for clearance.
  • Foreigners who obtained permanent residency in Argentina are treated as Argentine citizens.

In this group, customs clearance is pending defined criteria, and the backlog of shipment processing is severe and increasing.

Your Arpin Service team is aware of all shipments that may be impacted and will continue to update our clients accordingly. Moreover, we will remain in close contact with our Argentine supplier partners to provide additional details as they become available.