Arpin International (UK) Ltd. Renews FIDI/FAIM Accreditation

May 11, 2010

“FIDI-FAIM is the foremost authority on international quality standards in the moving industry,” said Philip Hamill, director of Arpin International UK Ltd. “We are particularly pleased that we passed the inspection without the need for ‘factual findings’ or post-audit corrective measures – a rare accomplishment. With such a strong independent review, our customers may continue to utilize our services with the assurance that their moves are being handled by the experts.”

The FIDI-FAIM standard is an accreditation programme that provides international movers with periodic, independent assessments of their cross-border and international moving activities.

To obtain FIDI-FAIM certification, a company has to achieve a certain mark for each of 16 parameters. The certification resulting from the FIDI-FAIM compliance procedure is valid for two years before another assessment is required.

All data collected during the FIDI-FAIM compliance procedures is entered into a confidential database that produces global standards and benchmarks for the various areas of competence as defined by the FIDI-FAIM quality standard.

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