Arpin Group Enhances Its Regulatory Compliance Program for Its Growing Worldwide Supply Chain

September 27, 2016

“At Arpin, we have a duty to our clients to ensure that all of our supply chain partners are obeying local and international laws and regulations, as well as conducting their business in an ethical manner,” said Bob Sullivan, senior vice president of corporate accounts for Arpin Group. “Dow Jones Risk and Compliance, with its worldwide resources, has developed a system that quickly and efficiently screens and monitors existing and potential new supply chain partners to identify legal, regulatory and reputational issues, which will help us continue to make informed decisions as we grow our global network. It will enable us to stay well ahead of our competitors in this area and we are very pleased to be working with such a trusted industry leader.”

Arpin will use Dow Jones Risk and Compliance data to complement its existing regulatory compliance program. This will allow Arpin to provide an additional layer of risk protection for clients and partners, making the company one of the safest choices for transferees.

In addition, the international mover has formed a regulatory compliance division dedicated to managing all aspects of Arpin Group’s Global Regulatory Compliance Program, reporting directly to Marco P. Uriati, chief legal officer and COO of Arpin Group, and the immediate past chairperson, and current member, of the Legal Advisory Council of the American Moving and Storage Association. The mission of the division is to ensure that all Arpin supply chain partners are properly vetted and monitored to mitigate risk and ensure compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.

In July, Arpin Van Lines was ranked the highest in customer satisfaction, according to the 22nd Annual Nationwide Relocating Employee Survey© by independent research firm Trippel Survey & Research.

About Arpin Group:
Arpin Group is an award-winning industry innovator in full-service moving and storage solutions for corporate, private residential, government and military customers. With its global headquarters located in West Warwick, Rhode Island (USA), it has offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. Arpin Group is the holding company of Arpin Van Lines, Arpin International Group, Creative Storage Solutions, Arpin Associates, Arpin Renewable Energy and Arpin Broadcast Network. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has recognized the company for its record of environmental stewardship, while its subsidiary, Arpin Renewable Energy, spearheads research and development to facilitate the widespread adoption of “green” technologies in the transportation industry. Arpin is the official mover of the LPGA, a ProMover® member of the American Moving and Storage Association and is accredited by the International Federation of International Furniture Removers (FIDI). For more information, call 1-800-343-3500 or visit