Service Interruption Alert: Air Cargo Import and Export Services Via India and Pakistan Severely Delayed

March 01, 2019

Due to an escalating conflict between Pakistan and India this week, our air cargo services have been affected with major delays and some with cancellations of flights to and from the countries.

Pakistan has closed its airspace which is affecting almost all shipments departing northern India (Punjab, New Delhi, Mumbai, etc.) and inbound shipments to Pakistan. International airlines such as Emirates, Air Canada, and Qatar Airways have cancelled and rerouted flights to India and Pakistan given the situation. Although some airlines have restarted the air service to India utilizing alternate routes, the backlog of passenger flights will take priority and naturally affect the timeliness of the cargo flights.

As a consequence, the customs clearance process in India and Pakistan is also impacted with heightened security measures in place in both countries and ALL shipments being stripped and thoroughly inspected via intensive exams before being released. Therefore, we are advising customers with import or export shipments in either India or Pakistan to prepare for major delays as well as additional airport storage and various other charges which may be assessed.

At present, the situation has not affected any sea shipments or ports in India and Pakistan.

Your Arpin Service team is aware of all shipments that may be impacted and will make arrangements to ensure appropriate parties are kept informed of any potential service disruption.