Shanghai Customs – New Process

July 03, 2015

Old (export clearance) Process:

Hand over original Residence (in passport) & Work Permits along with relevant, completed Customs documents.  Clear Customs and Permits back in owner’s hands in 3-5 working days.

New Process declared by Shanghai Customs:

Following the final packing day, Arpin Int’l China will book the vessel but must receive formal, written confirmation of space availability & booking from the steamship line to be presented to Shanghai Customs. 

Once the formal confirmation is available, which is normally within five (5) WORKING days before the ETD (estimated departure) of the vessel, the Arpin team is required to present the Residence (in passport) & Work Permits, completed Customs documents along with the steamship line’s confirmation of booking.

An additional 4-5 working days will then be required to complete the export Customs Clearance process, before the original passport & work permit can be returned.

Notes: Once the space is booked, destination port cannot be changed.  2) Short-term storage is no longer available at the Shanghai Bonded Customs Warehouse without a formal application approved.

The Arpin International (China) team is working diligently to rectify any potential issues before they come to fruition, but do please note that due to this rule being implemented, there may be delays to returning passport as noted above, and costs associated possibly with the transferees flights due to passport not being returned by Shanghai Customs as originally scheduled, additional accommodation could also be necessary.
Though this is suddenly imposed Shanghai Customs imposed regulation, Arpin International (China) apologizes for the possible inconveniences cause to our clients.

If you have any questions or concerns about this new policy, please direct them to: Michael Johnsen at .  Michael is the Country Manager, for Arpin International (China), based in Shanghai.