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March 18, 2014

Port Metro Vancouver declares ‘force majeure’ on Monday, March 17, 2014

Port Metro Vancouver, Canada’s largest port, declares ‘force majeure’ due to its inability to operate as the two and a half week truckers’ strike continues with no end in sight. Weekend talks between government officials and drivers failed to make progress. The dispute has largely focused on issues relating to pay, including the truckers' wages and the amount of unpaid time they spend waiting for cargo at container terminals.

The port is made up of a collection of facilities throughout the Vancouver region and the strike has affected the port’s four container terminals, effectively crippling operations. Container ships on route have already begun to divert to alternate ports in the United States.

Consequently, customers with import or export shipments should prepare for major delays as well as additional port storage, demurrage, and various other charges.
We will continue to provide updates as the situation warrants.