Arpin International Group Hosts HR Leadership Summit for Chinese Professionals in Shanghai

May 28, 2013

“We see our role at Arpin as not just a global mover, but as a partner, adding value by supporting HR professionals to enhance their specialized knowledge, move into leadership roles and contribute to their organizations’ bottom lines,” said Michael Johnsen, Arpin International Group country manager for China. “We feel that offering focused educational seminars and workshops such as this HR Strategic Partnering Skills Summit is an excellent way to support our clients in their career development.”

While the summit focused on how to form strategic partnerships with senior management, other topics included:

  • How HR can help engage employees and why this is critical to successful leaders and organizations.
  • How to tell if employees are engaged in a very simple way. 
  • Three easy-to-understand core drivers of successful engagement.
  • Leadership positioning and executive “on-boarding.” 
  • Leadership development and communication programs.

Arpin International Group in China plans to host more educational events for the benefit of HR professionals during the course of the year.