Shipping News from Around the World

July 15, 2011

Gabon Port Strikes

Please note that operations at the port of Libreville in the West African country of Gabon have been disrupted due to a strike by workers there. Ships already in the small port are unable to unload their cargo leading to major congestion and a crippling of operations. It is feared that the strike may spread to port Gentil too.

As a consequence, additional port storage and demurrage charges for import and export containers are inevitable. An additional levy may be applied by shipping lines to compensate for lost revenue.

Cyprus Explosions

As you may be aware, a severe explosion at the main naval base rocked Cyprus on Monday. We have spoken to our contacts within the country today and they have informed us that they are continuing to experience intermittent power outages causing disruptions in internet, fax, and other services. Moreover, surrounding roads and villages near the blast site sustained heavy damage and we are expecting transportation disruptions and general service delays in these areas.