Donated Soccer Equipment Reaches 880 Children in Soccer Camp and Villages In Haiti

September 06, 2013

The story began with Cassandra and Christiana Layman, both soccer players, who created SoccerRECYCLE out of a concern that many uniforms were used only a few times and then tossed out or put on the shelf, never to see daylight again. Giving the uniforms and equipment a “second life” became their goal. Nearly 400,000 Haitians are still living in settlement camps, following an earthquake in 2010. New soccer gear, the teens hoped, would brighten many children’s lives.

Last summer, the sisters collected the boxes of soccer gear to ship them to Haiti for the children affected by devastation in that area. Ocean State Job Lot contributed to the effort by donating 3,200 athletic shoes as well. Arpin Group happily agreed to transport the extra large shipment to North Carolina for free.

The shipment was delivered to Reunion Sportive d’Haiti. It’s mission is to “build skills, characters, and communities through sports and education, and to promote the well-being of children in Haiti to reach their full potential in society.”

According to Reunion Sportive’s chairman, Jean Michel, 880 children and young adults received gear during its annual soccer camp. The remainder of the 3,000 shoes and uniforms were distributed to school children in several towns in the Commune of Port-Salut including the most disadvantaged villages of Roche-Jabouin, Gerard, Dumont, and Balixte.

In a recent email to SoccerRECYCLE, Jean Michel said, “Watching the kids, who have suffered so much, playing at the soccer tournament with persistence, sportsmanship, and determination to move forward, has been an unforgettable experience that touched my soul to its core, brought joy to my heart and tears to my eyes. I could have never had the camp without your generous support.”

“We were happy to help get this athletic gear to the people in Haiti who are still suffering,” said Matt Dolan, chief operating officer of Arpin Group. “If this lessens their burden, it is worth every effort.”