New Variant of the Coronavirus Results in More Than 40 Countries Banning Inbound UK Passenger Flights; France Closes its Border to the UK

December 21, 2020

Recent reports of a new variant of the coronavirus has resulted in more than 40 countries banning inbound UK passenger flights. In addition, to help stop the spread of the new coronavirus variant, the border between the UK and France will be closed for a minimum of 48 hours from 23:00 hours Sunday, 20 December for accompanied freight transportation. Travel is also being affected; therefore, anyone making an international journey to/from the UK should check before they leave.

At the moment, there is also a possibility that border closures could be extended across Europe. European Union member states are meeting today to discuss a coordinated response.

Consequently, we are advising customers and assignees with shipments moving in and out of Europe via the UK to prepare for major delays. Shipments can still be packed and placed into storage-in-transit (SIT) at origin until we have confirmation that the border(s) have re-opened.

Your global Arpin service team is working closely with its UK-based colleagues to monitor the situation and will be contacting all customers impacted by the border closure(s) and other preventative measures to set up individualized contingency plans. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact an Arpin representative for advice and guidance on alternative shipment routing or with questions regarding additional charges that may be incurred due to the current situation.