MUST HAVE sacred plants for your garden

This article has garden hacks that will improve the green corner of your home with sacred plants you must have in your garden.
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Whether you just moved in and want to create your plant home space or you are thinking about enriching the existing one – we have two good news for you: 

1. It is summer, and it automatically brings you the natural vibe of thinking about gardening and 

2. This article has garden hacks that will improve the green corner of your home with sacred plants you must have in your garden.

Sunny and warm weather has arrived, so we all long to have at least a part of the space that would represent our little oasis. If you like enjoying a quiet corner of your home, we are sure that you would like to make the most of the space of your balcony or garden in the most natural way. In addition to the basic decoration of that space, it is crucial to think about plants with a special purpose. There are several ways to complement and enhance your garden oases with sacred plants. If you like to grow significant species or use certain plants as spices, start by growing easy-to-maintain medicinal plants that don’t require much space and have sublime motives for your home and family. 

Plectranthus Incense (Plectranthus coleoides)

Plectranthus Incense (Plectranthus coleoides) in the pot on the balcony. The leafs can be seen, behind is a white wall.

This authentic herb with a strong incense smell is a staple spice in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Central American, and other cuisines. It grows in various regions and thrives in sunny and less humid conditions. It is rich in thymol and other essential oils and compounds that support immunity so that they can protect you and your family from viral infections. The essential oils in frankincense also help relieve coughs and make breathing easier. 

In almost all religions, burning incense for purification and healing is ancient. Because of its rarity and pleasant smell, it is often attributed to life-giving properties, and its sacrificial burning is a special honor to the person it offers. You can use it as an accent or specimen in beds, planters, and window boxes. Spilling leaves over the edges of the pot will be an excellent decorative and fragrant addition.

If you grow this plant in your garden or balcony, you will enjoy the fragrance of this sacred plant and the health benefits it brings to your family. 


Oregano in garden as leafs, planted herb and as a spice for cooking and pizza and pasta. It is on the table with  leaf decoration around it.

Oregano comes to us from the old continent of Europe, and this fragrant member of the mint family thrives in various climates, making it the perfect addition to any garden. The incredibly medicinal oil of oregano has potent medicinal properties, which have gained particular importance during the covid 19 pandemic. Carvacrol, limonene, and other antioxidant compounds give the oregano a distinctive taste and smell and protect against viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. Finally, we think it is too much to mention the sweet necessity of oregano in pizza and pasta. It doesn’t require much effort or space on a balcony or garden, and growing your own oregano can add that special secret moment to culinary masterpieces that impress your friends! So give us one good reason not to have this sacred plant in your garden right now? 

Lemon Balm (Melissa Officinalis)

Lemon balm in pot and as tea leafs on the kitchen table. The knife is in the background.

Pliny the Elder recommended it for the eyes, Saint Hildegard for joy, Paracelsus called it the elixir of life, and many historians discovered that it was Shakespeare’s favorite plant.

Lemon Balm is another plant you must have seen in your neighbors’ gardens if you have visited or moved to one of the European destinations. This old European plant is easy to grow in the garden and is considered a sacred plant in every home, and some even consider it a plant that restores the joy of life. It is traditionally used to treat stress and insomnia, and research shows that it can also benefit the immune system’s health. It is rich in various phytochemicals that act as antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory. People use lemon balm for cold sores, anxiety, stress relief, insomnia, and indigestion. Some use it for dementia and many other brain conditions. 

Considering that Lemon Balm grows like a weed among bushes, in forests, along riverbanks, and by the roads, minimal care for this plant in your garden can bring maximum benefits to your family, and therefore it is worth including it in the essential sacred plants of your home. The most important part to use is the leaves. In other parts, there are few medicinal ingredients, except in flowers. 

Like moving to a new home, gardening requires a lot of care, planning, cost calculations and work. As we do when we move our clients and their families, we have tried with this text to make this work easier for you, enrich it with ideas good for the whole family, and remind you of the sacred plants every home should have. 

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