Embracing Diversity – Moving with Special Needs or Autism

Our unique approach involves transitioning lives of all your family members with care, empathy, and understanding.
little blond girl with autism is moving into new home and playing with her toys
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Arpin International Movers logoAt Arpin International Movers, we recognize that moving with special needs or autism family members can be a very challenging experience for families. With over 120 years of various experiences and customers, we’ve become more than movers – we are your compassionate, trusted moving partners.

Our Heartfelt Commitment to Your Family’s Needs

  • Ensuring Safe Journeys: Your safety is our priority. Suppose you require specialized third-party services arranged to assist with moving specialized equipment. In that case, we can help with all the details. We aim to ensure a secure and comfortable journey for every family member.
  • Crafting Comfort in New Spaces: When moving families with special needs or autism members, we know that a new home should feel like their home from day one. Our professional movers will work with you to arrange your furniture thoughtfully in your new space, so every family member is comfortable. 
  • Comprehensive Support with a Human Touch: From planning and customizing the whole moving journey, packing, and shipping to unloading, we handle your specialized equipment and belongings with the utmost care, as if they were our own.
  • A Shoulder to Lean On: We’ve always treated our job as more than logistics – moving people is an emotional journey. Our team is here to offer a listening ear and a helping hand 24/7, with no exceptions! 
  • Open Hearts and Open Lines: We ensure clear, compassionate communication, keeping you informed and at ease throughout the moving process.
  • Your Personal Moving Guardians: Our dedicated move coordinators and customer happiness managers will be your guardian angel service providers. They are your emphatic personal guides, committed to resolving all concerns and answering questions around the clock, offering full support and peace of mind.
  • Safe Havens for Your Belongings: Our storage solutions provide more than space; they offer security and tranquillity, knowing your cherished possessions are cared for in our secure, climate-controlled facilities, accessible whenever needed.
  • A Global Family of Helpers: Our extensive global coverage and vast network of agents mean you have a family of helpers worldwide. We ensure a smooth and caring transition no matter where life takes you.

Your Journey, Our Promise

We understand that our duty surpasses regular moving activities. Every conversation, every carefully packed item, every thoughtful placement in your new home is infused with empathy and a deep connection to your personal story. We’re caretakers of your cherished moments and architects of new beginnings, delivering each with the love and respect your family’s journey deserves. Let us move your world with the tenderness it needs. Request a quote here. 

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