Moving day with all 12 zodiac signs

Have you ever wondered what would happen if all Zodiac signs decide to move together?
moving with zodiac signs

Moving day as viewed differently by all 12 zodiac signs. The story goes…

One day all 12 zodiac signs decided to move.

Pre-moving day:

After long deliberation, everyone agreed to Leo’s suggestion. Aries had already taken out a list of tasks and determined who would have which function. Taurus had been sitting in the corner of the room for several days, thinking madly about whom he should be sure to entrust his plants, works of art, and safe to.

Gemini had already announced on social media that he would be moving and that everyone should plan to come to the immigration party. Cancer was bothered by that because Gemini didn’t inform him about that party in advance, so he locked himself in the garage and started crying, hugging his old things, which Aries ordered him to throw away. Virgo is already annoyed because no one has ever made a list of all the things they have in the house.

At that moment, Leo theatrically opened his closets. He shows Virgo and everyone else that there is no need for anyone to make a list because everything that belongs to this glamorous family is in his closet. This irritated the Capricorns, who explained that they must definitely have a list of things to move because otherwise, they will not be able to make an advanced system for decorating a new home. Aquarius intervened and showed the latest application with artificial intelligence, making a list and arranging things in their new house.

The Pisces looked at them all with admiration and remembered the dream from last night in which they all planted the most beautiful roses together in their new garden. Sagittarius, leaning on the dreamy Pisces, put on his sunglasses, typed a message to his friends, and asked them if they were interested in going out together while the other signs were getting packed. Scorpio remembered the last move and Sagittarius’ nonchalant attitude and decided to give his favorite brand of shoes away at the yard sale. It seemed to Libra that everything was out of control, so she asked Leo (because everyone would look at him) and Aries (because everyone would be afraid of his commanding shouts) to give a speech before moving day.

Moving day:

Since Leo finally found the most glamorous location to live in the social spotlight, Aries organized a relocation company and gave everyone responsibilities. Taurus quickly jumped to cover the most important things: to provide credit cards and notify the insurance companies and bank about the address change. Capricorn still thinks he can get a better offer from a real estate agent. Virgo is annoyed by the mess, sorts things by use-value, and measures and marks packing boxes’ size in tiny detail.

Gemini used this excellent opportunity to invite all his friends and relatives to come to the yard sale and selfie competition for a social media takeover. Scorpio turned his back on everyone, forbade them to tag him in the pictures, and secretly watched the handsome moving coordinator get out of the newly arrived Arpin truck under her eye. The truck’s engine hasn’t even stopped yet, and Sagittarius jumps into the driver’s cab and calls Gemini to take a picture of him for social networks. Pisces quickly brings out water for the Arpin movers because she can’t believe how many heavy things these incredible Arpin movers had to take out of the old house carefully. Libra trembles at the very thought that mirrors could arrive damaged and is relieved when she sees how carefully the Arpin movers box and crate the fragile items. Oh, what a relief! This moving situation hurt Cancer’s feelings, so he hugged a box of old photos and thought it was better to transport it in his personal car.

Finally, when everything was packed up and loaded onto the truck, Aquarius immediately and cheerfully announced to everyone that behind Aries’ and Leo’s back, she changed her plan and secretly informed the movers in advance about the other destination, and found them all a house, but in a different country.

This story’s point is: that you can not change your family members’ zodiac signs, but you can consult an astrologist on how to handle them. But first, hire the moving experts – this will help for sure.

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