The Five Pillars of Sustainability Start From Within
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We profiled a company skilled in maximizing human performance. What did we learn? That sustainability starts within. And this episode of RenewableNow proves it once again.

As much for business people, students, and everyday athletes as for training for demand jobs. The pillars, and lessons learned, are the same: nutrition, sleep, conditioning, resilience, and stress management. Let’s look at each and see how they positively lead to sustainability outcomes. And intersect with proper eco-routines. Perhaps bringing durability to individuals and organizations.

According to our expert here, Adam LaReau of 02X, nutrition should be based–as much as possible–on local, rich in nutrients, planned for different day parts, health goals, and age. Planning is key for great menus.

Sleep minimums are key at any age. Routine bedtimes, no food after certain hours, meditation, comfortable bed, and surroundings all add to our quality–and effectiveness–of rest. Our brain depends on a min of about 7hrs sleep at night to restore and be optimized for the next day.

Stress management is for work, home, and travel. We control the highs and lows of life through breathing, visualization, strong family ties, time with friends, and love of ourselves and others. Inner peace culminates in us being more productive in life.

The next two, conditioning and resilience, are very much intertwined. Good health in body, mind, and spirit takes hard discipline. Constant, steady effort. A no-excuse approach to life. When we get there, and maintain that level of conditioning, our bodies and spirits can then endure, over decades, the ravishes of life and time. One is a direct path to the other. Smart short-term habits end in long-term endurance.

Core principals, then, frame our ability to build a strong personal house. Capable of withstanding many storms. At home and work. And put us in sync with nature. Because we are grounded in sustainable living. We know natural resources are key to supporting our quality of life. And longevity.

I like how this company, 02X, extended their mission of teaching all of us to be the best version of ourselves into a give-back to our environment: With a specialty in outdoor fitness, no-waste events, and 1% back to the planet. Full circle for people and the Earth.

And the most important lesson here (and we hope you enjoy this episode of Renewable Now), is simple–be resilient at any age. As a person and group. It is not easy. Lots of blood, sweat, and tears. Some big holes to dig out of. Yet, if we are in peak form when we fall in, there’s no doubt we’ll climb out and be better than ever.

Maximizing human performance–something they should be teaching in school. What better way to get students ready for work and life?

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