One of the biggest problems with international moves is knowing how and where to begin. Some people think that the most important thing is packing. Unfortunately, packing is only one step in the process. Therefore, you must learn everything you need to do to prepare for an international move.
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Your guide to a successful international move begins with Arpin. When it comes to international moving, clients have countless questions. Many fear they will have to prepare for a long time to complete this process successfully. It is clear that for this, you need to have the appropriate documents. Finding a job in another country, an apartment, and a school for children is also necessary. However, preparing for the move itself is also vital. That is why we prepared a Master guide to a successful international move for your stress-free relocation!

How to prepare for an international move without procrastination?

One of the biggest problems with international moves is knowing how and where to begin. Some people think that the most important thing is packing. Unfortunately, packing is only one step in the process. Therefore, you must learn everything you need to do to prepare for an international move.

  1. When you move to another country, you must gather all the necessary documents – with this very first step, you will learn A LOT about preparation for moving abroad.
  2. The second most important thing is to find a job before starting this journey – or at least have a fair sum of money put aside while looking for a job.
  3. If you have found a job and already have a complete picture of where and how you will work, the next logical step is to find an apartment before moving – and look for it in the areas close to your job or have the best traffic connections.
  4. For many countries, there are stringent and precise rules about visas and residence permits – ask about this before moving to another country or follow our International Insights series on YouTube, where you can get the best insights directly from our international experts or expats themselves.
  5. Once you have fulfilled all these conditions, you can start sorting through items and decide what you want to pack and what should remain in storage. Remember that this process always takes longer than you think, so it is best to start as soon as possible.

Do a deep dive research on a country you want to move to

Before you prepare for an international move, you need to learn about the country you are going to. Try visiting first as a tourist. See how you feel there. Is it mentality acceptable for your sensibilities?


Each country has its own rules for the arrival of foreigners. What applies to one country’s citizens does not necessarily apply to another country – even if they’re located in the same region. Knowing what special conditions and visas a foreign country require are imperative. Arpin will provide you with everything you’ll need to know about importing household goods and personal effects across international borders.

Find yourself a place to live

Although many people think it is easy to find accommodations in a new country, it is NOT nearly as accessible as one might think, according to our 120+ years of experience. Many people hope it will be a piece of cake and decide to settle on a permanent location once they arrive. Think again. We’re sure you’ve heard stories about how temporary accommodations become permanent, leading to a very uncomfortable situation. Finding a good, affordable apartment is almost impossible in many developed countries. Too many employees live in big cities, which dictates the price and the market.

Learn a language!

It seems logical that you will learn the language before moving to a new country. It is not an easy or short-term process. Language is often learned over the years, spontaneously, to get into it’s essence and spirit. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start learning before moving. On the contrary, start with the basics, or movies and songs. Entertaining activities can help you more than monotonous courses. You can pick up the rest as you go.

Know how to deal with technical problems

Moving is complex for many reasons. First, you’ll need to know how exactly to find an excellent place to live, work, and a great school for children. It is not advisable to embark on this journey without all this information. Many people have struggled to get used to the fact that they will have to change their regular routines.

Job, job, job…

Although the most common reason people move to another country is for work and an opportunity for a bright career, some put the cart before the horse and move without securing permanent employment. This is not highly recommended, considering that you are a foreigner in a different country and don’t have much time for assimilating and coping.

Kids and schools / kindergarten

The importance of this is of the highest priority right before finding a job. That means it would be best if you had a solution for your children, even before you have one for yourself. Fortunately, most countries are excellently organized on this issue. However, sending an expat’s children to school can sometimes be quite costly. Contact schools, kindergartens, and expats with kids to find out more!


On the contrary to what many folks think, packing comes only after solving these fundamental problems. Packing is not that difficult, but it requires devotion, preparation, and good time management. Start with a plan. Make a list of the things you have and determine the system by which you will pack. It can be according to use, or rooms. Involve all the people moving with you and make this activity fun and practical.

Prepare your four-wheeled friend

If you plan to drive to another country, you must pay special attention to your vehicle. Check tires, battery, and engine condition, as well as insurance policies and first-aid equipment. There are international permits that are required in some countries. In addition,  you may need to retake the driving test! As for the car, prepare it for a longer ride and do a full service.

Face and embrace changes

Starting a new life is exciting, but let’s take off enthusiastic pink sunglasses and accept not to forget that life in a new country involves many changes. Those might not be pleasant, but on the other side – changes are good. It is not enough just to find a job and a school for your kids. You need to find peace and get used to a completely different way of life. There is a lot to learn, such as language or typical store work hours. You have to keep in mind that you need to master the language and the customs of the country you are going to.

Find out how your future life in the other county will look like

Every move is challenging because you are completely changing your lifestyle, sometimes a work-life balance. Even ordinary everyday things will be much different for you. It is best to research this before considering definite relocation. Find people on social media, forums, and similar online communities from the area and city you are moving to and ask them to share their experiences. It can save you from future disappointments.

Refresh and reorganize your holiday calendar

Even if you don’t celebrate holidays or customs that are valid in another country, you must know when the holidays are and how they are being celebrated in your host country. Remember going to that country first as a tourist? This might open your sights to new cultures, spiritual levels, and unique customs that will only enrich your life and help you gain more international friends.

Last but not least: Have a trustworthy partner to accompany you for your significant life change. Don’t go on this road with people who will let you down in the period when you need firm support and impeccable help. That part of your life story should be trusted to a highly experienced international moving provider who will transform your worries, insecurities, and stress into carefreeness, security, and happiness to move forward with your life!

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