To meet global commitments and avoid the worst impacts of climate change, it’s imperative we reduce carbon emissions.
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Over 123 years of moving, Arpin has put a lot of miles on its trucks. And booked thousands of shipments with air freight carriers, trucking fleets, and ocean carriers. Despite our efforts to minimize emissions, that takes a heavy toll on the environment.

Hence, companies like this one profiled here on Renewable Now, Carbon Engineering, is an obvious innovator for us to partner with in offsetting carbon. However, a relationship with them can go much deeper and enlighten some of the elements of green innovation and commerce.

One of the questions that was asked here is, can this technology add stimulus to our economy? While addressing the recycling of carbon into meaningful reuses. Here into fuels. Which is very different, as we learn here, than pure storage. Do they work together? Or compete? Is it meaningful to our quest to get to a smarter future?

Direct air capture, something Carbon Engineering is focused on, immediately commercializes emissions. Which could be a great benefit to any company in transportation. It certainly would change how we buy fuel (in terms of pumping less fresh oil out of the ground). Does it make our industry more efficient and clean? Seems as though it would. Very much.

Right now, as I write this, fuel prices are up. This company can deliver gas at about $4 per gallon. That is very competitive. And attractive given the environmental benefits. Creating a win-win for us.

The logistics here are very good. They are using existing tech in manufacturing, and putting their fuel into normal, established distribution centers. Which makes it very convenient for their customers. And keeps costs down. Their integration is seamless to the public.

There’s a competing company that takes a different approach to air-to-fuel; using farming and agriculture to produce the gases. I am not sure who wins the race here. But we look forward to being part of this track to cleaner air and carbon-free production of our future energy demands.

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