Key Industry Takeaways From WERC GWS And IAM 2022

Since the Thanksgiving season is here, we want to share our notes on the hottest mobility trends captured at WERC GWS and IAM 2022!
People attending conferences WERC GWS and IAM 2022. Arpin moving professionals providing key insights and takeaways
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Our moving experts shared their Key Industry Takeaways from the WERC GWS and IAM 2022 conferences that might also be useful to you and your business.  

Below are some key industry takeaways we learned from WERC GWS and IAM provided by Arpin experts.


One of the conference’s key questions was, “What kind of support do industry expects from technology partners?” The answers from various professionals were unanimous: To build a common, connected, and interoperable ground for the future of mobility.

So, when it comes to technology that will support the mobility industry, key facts are:

  • Automating workflows
  • Tech-trainings for employees to ensure their independence in the process
  • Developing customized APIs and their standardization
  • Building a standardized way to share data between RMCs, suppliers, clients, and partners
  • Moving companies that provide specialized app and API integrations



Mark Greene, GSA, Senior Vice President, Arpin group Inc.

Remote work, remote-first companies, labor shortages and challenges

Remote work is a game changer for hiring now. Many people we talked to won’t / don’t want to be back in an office setting, and they are leaving if it’s required. In addition, labor seems to be a massive struggle in the industry, both in attracting the number of candidates necessary as well as the quality of employee.”

Mark Greene, Senior Vice President, Arpin Group, Inc.

👉🏻 To get in touch with Mark, visit Arpin’s GSA page. 

Lauren Inglis, Regional Director Middle East & India, Arpin International Group ME Services DMCCThe importance of language, spousal, and support in adapting to a new culture

”The session ‘The Transferee Experience’ I attended at the WERC GWS was invaluable. It was a panel discussion moderated by GLOMO’s Jana Chezanoski with guests from Vialto Partners, Google, Snowflake Inc., and Paramount Transportation Services. Each panelist had very different relocation experiences, but what rang true to me was the commonality of the importance of language, cultural training, and spousal support in any relocation.”

Lauren Inglis, Regional Director Middle East & India, Arpin International Group ME Services DMCC

👉🏻 To get in touch with Lauren, visit our MIDDLE EAST AND INDIA HUB.  

Michael Johnsen, VP, Asia-Pacific Region, Arpin International Group

The importance of multicultural evolution

”There was a lot of talk of acronyms around the WERC GWS in Las Vegas. ESG, which we’ve heard for years now, used to be referred to as CSR, each of which Arpin has been the leader in the HHG category. But most prevalent around GWS was talk of DE&I and the importance of gaining more understanding, appreciating that attention to it is growing fast while it is developing as a concept and as initiatives are formulated… We’d all best pay attention to DE&I initiatives as they are good for humanity and will certainly be required certifications in the future.”

Michael Johnsen, VP, Asia-Pacific Region, Arpin International Group

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Karen Bannon, Director of Marketing and ESG, Arpin Group, Inc.

Sustainable marketing 🌱 and employer branding 💚

”Sustainable marketing is much more than green marketing. Sustainable marketing promotes broader socially responsible practices and services and goes beyond the environment to include many important societal and economic issues.

💡 Generation Z appreciates brands that have “added value.” Millennials currently represent the most important and influential group of consumers, with a spending power of as much as $2.45 trillion dollars.

🌟 Generation Z finds the most critical influence of the brand to be its commitment to the environment, while Millennials pay more attention to the issue of ethics in production. Both groups are more inclined to work for a company that is environmentally aware.

🙌🏻 Authentic, honest, and consistent communication is a must! Sustainability should breathe through every aspect of the brand. Be an example of good practice, not a part of the greenwashing machine. Put above profit brand value, which clients and partners will identify with and connect with long term.”

Karen Bannon, Director of Marketing and ESG, Arpin Group, Inc.

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