How To Recycle Moving Boxes

One of the most significant issues for people moving is the obscene amount of boxes left when all is said and done. Getting rid of them after unpacking can be a real pain; typically, they just end up being broken down and thrown into the trash.
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If you are someone who cares for their environment and hates to see all those boxes go to waste, you can find here tips on how to recycle moving boxes. We are sure you can do quite a few things to prevent them from going to the landfill. Try one (or a few) of these helpful tips instead, and at the end of your move, you can rest a little easier at night.

Compost Is One Of The Solutions On How To Recycle Moving Boxes

Composting is a relatively straightforward process to start, and lucky for those moving, one of the most common composting materials is cardboard. Check out some articles on the Internet and learn how to create a new compost bin or add to your existing one. You can also find websites dedicated to tips and tricks on breaking down cardboard to be properly composted. The best thing about this process is that you get to see precisely how your boxes are being recycled instead of sending them off to a recycling plant and not knowing.

Give Them Away To Reuse

There is also the option of reusing boxes for their original purpose: moving. If you are moving in the spring or summer months, you may personally know someone who is moving as well since this is the most popular time of year to do so. Extra expenses like packing supplies are never fun to pay for on top of everything else during a move. Reduce the cost of a friend or family member’s move by offering up your moving boxes. A small gesture like this could not only go a long way for your friendship but will also take those boxes off your hands! It’s a win-win.

Use Them As Storage Containers

One of the most convenient times to get organized is when you already have the tools to do so within your reach. Moving into a new home is perfect if you want to purge some items, donate others, and simply store some away in your new home’s attic or garage. Use your moving boxes for storage instead of purchasing brand new, non-ecofriendly containers. Use what you have, and you will feel better about using less plastic (such as the type of material that typical storage bins are made from), and of course, you will feel good about getting your possessions in order!

Use In A DIY Or Play Project

Cardboard can be handy for many projects around the house, for your children, or even for your pets! Pinterest is a great place to start if you have children and a few empty boxes. You can explore how to create a princess castle, a robot Halloween costume, and even a playtime washing machine (if you want to get chore training started early). If you aren’t a parent, make a house for your favorite feline friend, or build a storage wall for your arts and crafts supplies. The possibilities are endless when it comes to cardboard boxes. They are one of the most versatile and valuable tools for any project.

At Arpin, we are happy to help you professionally and sustainably along your moving journey. You can rest assured that our packing supplies must be at least 30% post-consumer content. We also only purchase materials from suppliers who support sustainable forestry. If you want more information on your future move, our moving supplies, or our wide variety of services, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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