Holiday Season In Germany – Christmas And Winter Wonders

In Germany, Christmas markets are a must-do during the holidays. As you might know, Germany is well known not only for its beer festival but also for its Christmas markets.
People celebrate Christmas in Germany
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Celebrating the holiday season in Germany. Almost every city has one. They usually start on the last weekend of November and run until the 24th of December.

Frankfurt Christmas Market

The significant characteristics of these are:

·        The huge and sparklingly decorated Christmas trees

·        The very special and sweet mulled red or white wine (wine heated up with fruit and spices)

·        Its artisan booths with locally and hand-made jewelry, pottery, woodwork, clothing, etc. 

·        The merry-go-rounds – a delight for the children

·        A sumptuous selection of food and drink. Particularly the fruit loaf “Weihnachtsstollen” is a specialty that Germans love. It is a yeast bread coated with sugar and filled with candied fruit, almond paste or poppy seeds, etc. 


Christmas wreath:

During the run-up to Christmas, Germans celebrate the Advent season in a particular way. It starts on the last Sunday in November and lasts until Christmas Eve. Every home has a Christmas wreath, which is made out of decorated fir tree branches. The Germans put four candles on this wreath, to be lit up subsequently. The first candle will be lit on the last Sunday of November, the 2nd on the 1st Sunday of December… And so on, until all four candles are lit up on the 4th Sunday. By doing this, the dark days of winter are cozy, enhancing the anticipation for Christmas.

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