Global Mobility News Alerts

Global Service Disruptions - March 2022
Global Mobility News Alert - Arpin International Group Working to Keep Our Customers Informed of Issues Impacting Global Mobility.

Global Mobility News Alerts are provided by Arpin International Group to keep our customers up-to-date with issues that may impact moving services.

Service Interruption Alert: Military Conflict Involving Russia and Ukraine Causing Shipment Delays

Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine beginning on 24 February 2022, we are now seeing shipment delays throughout the region.

Consequently, we are advising customers with import or export shipments in either Russia or Ukraine to prepare for major delays as well as additional demurrage, waiting time, and various other charges which may be assessed.

Air and sea freight shipments have been halted. Currently, we have a few trucking shipments in progress; however, these remain stalled at the border. We expect that land shipments will also cease in the very near future.

Your Arpin Service team is aware of all shipments that may be impacted and will ensure appropriate parties are kept informed of any potential service disruption.

Service Interruption Alert: Delays Shipping from Latin America to the US

We are currently experiencing considerable delays booking sea freight out of Argentina and Brazil and have stopped booking orders out of Chile bound for U.S. ports altogether.

As a result, we are advising customers with export shipments from these countries to prepare for some delays as well as additional port storage, demurrage, and various other charges which may be assessed.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Arpin International Group representative.

Service Interruption Alert – COVID-19 Causing Shipment Delays in Hong Kong and Parts of China

Hong Kong and parts of China are once again experiencing severe COVID outbreaks, resulting in service challenges throughout the country.

Although moving as an essential service continues, we are experiencing shipment delays which are impacting our business and assignees. Your Arpin service team remains available for any questions you may have and can provide details on specific origin/destination locales. In addition, our moving crews will continue to employ proper precautions to help prevent exposure to and spread of COVID during the moving process.

We will continue to provide further updates on all global disruptions as soon as they become available.

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