These European destinations will make you move!

In this article we are presenting you top 3 hidden European destinations that will make you move! Visiting world-famous cities such as Rome, Paris, London, Vienna, and Berlin is always a good decision, but don't forget that smaller towns have a unique charm.
Kotor city in Montenegro hidden European destination
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These top 3 European destinations that will make you move! Visiting world-famous cities such as Rome, Paris, London, Vienna, and Berlin is always a good decision, but don’t forget that smaller towns have a unique charm. If you still haven’t planned your summer trip, we suggest the top 3 hidden European destinations you should visit first before making plans to move. Just visiting will leave you breathless and impact your moving plans. 

The historical city of Poland – Toruń

This small town in Poland was fortified in the 8th century. Until the 11th century, this city represented the location of an old Slavic settlement. In the 10th century, Toruń became part of the new Poland ruled by the Piast dynasty. This town has a few names, but the most popular one is Gingerbread city. The feeling of vibrant history gets you as soon as you walk through its streets for the first time. For those with a sweet tooth: In Torun, you can visit the famous gingerbread museum or enjoy delicious cookies. 

In this Gothic city are the medieval ruins of the Teutonic Castle and parts of both old and new areas of town. For those who are fans of curiosities: Torun is the birthplace of the father of modern astronomy, Nicolaus Copernicus. 

Compared to other European countries, Polland offers very affordable accommodations that are easy to find. Poles are multilingual, friendly, highly educated, and know-how to enjoy the after-working hours! If you want to find a new, inexpensive home and merge history, networking, and good fun, this might be the right place for you! Visiting this destination can easily make you move there.

Aerial view of Old Town in Torun and River Vistula that delights people who want to travel and move. One of our favorite European destinations to move to. Buildings, houses, bridge, forest and river located around old town that is historical part of the Torun, Poland.
Toruń, Poland

The island of longevity and beautiful beaches – Icaria, Greece 

Icaria is linked to the famous mythological Icarus, the son of Daedalus, who fell into the sea when he got too close to the sun, causing the wax on his wings to melt.

This is a unique place on the Earth that arouses the interest of scientists because the average life span on the island is significantly longer than usual. There are many residents over 90 years old who are in perfect health. They do not suffer from heart diseases, have not heard of cancer, dementia, etc., and are very active in all fields later in their years.

Greece is definitely in the top 3 destinations that usually make people want to move to and is considered a land where the gods walked, and this treasure proves that this country still looks like that. Even though a little bit is hidden from the rest of the world, Icaria is on the Blue Zone list, which counts where people live in the healthiest environments.

The well-known Panagiria summer festival takes place once or twice a week from May to October and is an excellent proposition for those who like fun and enjoyment. In addition to the beautiful beaches, you can also see the sites where the ancien