Smart business owners stay on top of trends in ESG. Find out what green trends you should be watching.
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A good business owner watches and tracks the biggest current trends in business ESG and within their industry. By doing so, it helps them contemplate changes, see shifts in consumer demand, and adjust some things inside their organization. To, in essence, stay nimble and ahead of those new demands.

I am not sure if most entrepreneurs extend this exercise to the world of green and business ESG. They should. And if they did, here’s some current trends in business EGG going on now that will impact their operations, staffing, and branding. Or, at least, they should:

  1. The electrification of transportation. And commercial buildings investing heavily into renewables, battery storage, and microgrids. Is this a permanent move away from fossil fuel? How will technology run off a different source of power? What is the long-term impact on the supply chain, logistics, and world trade? How will carbon reduction reshape society?
  2. An explosion of impact spending and investing…where does that lead us? For many years we at Renewable Now have pushed small business to get savvy around sustainability and green. As we have here at Arpin International Group. Recognizing that, without adding this expertise, a vendor, supplier to larger corporate clients would cease to be relevant. And we get axed from their roster. And here we are seeing that now more than ever. Without a mission that includes preserving and restoring natural resources, an organization quickly becomes a dinosaur and, at best, on life-support.
  3. How to cultivate a young, global staff hungry for transparency and, as opposed to what we touched on above, relevant to them and the marketplace. The fight for talent is real. Those new employees come armed with strong opinions and values. They give up their job before sacrificing those beliefs. An owner who tries to bluff through on a commitment to ESG while improving the world and providing a good service or product will be exposed and left behind.
  4. Unfortunately, we continue to see mounds of new laws around this. In my opinion, we can’t regulate our way to a cleaner, brighter future. The fuel is passion and a love for balancing economic expansion, with job growth, against proper use of eco-capital.

One of the things we’ve discovered in our journey of green is the ability to partner with many for and non-profits on game-changing projects. AIG can’t do this alone. We need outside help and expertise. And we are never afraid to ask for that.

Our outreach, then, to other industries forces us to learn, change, and adapt. Always a good thing as we try to navigate a brave new world.

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