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Creative Storage Solutions (CSS) is Arpin’s proprietary software that manages global storage data for corporate clients and third-party RMCs. Key benefits of CSS are:

• CSS tracks inventories, enforces policy restrictions, and limits storage.
• All storage records are kept in one place on a dedicated server; multiple user notifications prevent accounts from lingering.
• Audits identify overcharging and corrects it. If pricing is not found to be fair or competitive, a CSS agent will contact the storage supplier for a rate reduction.
• The CSS agent confirms that the packing density of each unit does not fall below 6.0, which is the industry standard density rating for a storage unit.


Proprietary software provides our clients with an innovative solution to manage their corporate storage policies, data, and invoicing process.


Large corporate clients and relocation management companies need to enforce a myriad of global storage policies to ensure set spending allowances and length of authorized stays are not exceeded.


  • CSS will manage your global storage database, freeing up your administrative resources to focus on your core business.
  • CSS will audit all storage invoices to ensure applicable charges are accurate before submitting for payment.
  • Invoicing can be completed in the currency of your choice, freeing you from having to pay foreign vendors in foreign currency.
  • Confirms all storage lots comply with your relocation policy, and continuous insurance coverage is maintained.
  • Our storage experts physically audit foreign storage facilities to ensure assignees’ household goods are adequately protected.
  • CSS will leverage our global buying power to drive efficiencies and provide you with consistent rates and cost controls.
  • On-demand storage data enables you to forecast relocation budgets more accurately. CSS works directly with the client to review data and recommend cost-saving solutions.


Creative Storage Solutions is becoming the web-based storage management solution of choice for large multinational corporations and relocation professionals administering benefits globally. By leveraging our local service agreements, our customers are assured of receiving fair and equitable pricing anywhere in the world.


“The CSS program has helped us achieve global success by driving efficiencies throughout the BP global storage volume. This program has resulted in BP saving $500,000 over the 18 months since its inception.” Stated by a Six Sigma Procurement Manager at BP.”

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Karen Bannon

Karen has over three decades of moving and storage industry experience. As director of marketing and ESG, she maintains overall responsibility for global brand management, content creation, corporate identity, and environmental, social, and governance for the Arpin Group of companies. Additionally, Karen serves as Vice President of the Arpin Charitable Fund, Inc. a/k/a Arpin Strong, overseeing its global CSR initiatives.

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*AIG does not service COD customers inside the US.  The domestic pricing offered here is for corporate and related referrals from clients under agreement.

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