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Karen Bannon, AIG’s Director of Marketing and ESG, shares Arpin’s International CSR journey.

Non-Profit Organizations We've Helped Through Arpin Strong's Corporate Social Responsibility Program.
Corporate Social Responsibility Program Manager, Karen Bannon, Arpin's Director of Marketing and ESG.
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Arpin Charitable Trust
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Arpin Is Moving For A Cause

Arpin has very high participation in its various CSR activities. Virtually all Arpin employees have participated in one form or another in helping. Our employees are actively involved in an array of charitable events, such as walks/runs for causes or loading trucks with donated items. Here are a few of the charitable events we’ve participated in.

Philippines Typhoon Relief Drive

Arpin Group responded to aid those affected by the typhoon in the Philippines.

Arpin Strong’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program involves Arpin employees collecting humanitarian aid.
Autism Walk

Arpin employees joined thousands of others at Goddard Memorial State Park.

Arpin Strong’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program involves Arpin families participating in a walk for Autism Awareness.
Food Bank

Arpin employees sort boxes of donated food and home items at the RI Community Food Bank.

Arpin Strong’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program involves Arpin employees volunteering at local Food Banks.


years of experience

Arpin Employees Are
Moving For A Cause

Our CSR activities provide a culture of pride for our employees who become more engaged, healthier, happier, and are proud to be members of the Arpin team. And this culture transcends to those we serve.

A Moving Company That's Creating A Better World

Arpin's philanthropic foundations seek to positively impact social equity, economic vitality, protect public health, combat climate change, and safeguard wildlife and habitats.

Arpin International Group is extremely proud of the two foundations that the company has created whose sole purpose is to help others.

Arpin Strong
Arpin Strong logo

The success behind the Arpin Charitable Fund is the people willing to give of their time and efforts towards a common cause. Since its inception, Arpin Strong has distributed over $480K.

Arpin Charitable Trust
Arpin Charitable Trust logo

Created in memory of Paul Arpin, Sr., the purpose of the trust is to help those working to create social and economic equity. The trust distributes over $250K  to those in need annually.

CSR Partnership Request

Are You A Charity or Non-Profit Who Would Like To Partner With Arpin Strong?

Every year we review proposals from organizations that are looking for assistance for their causes. Let us know if we can help.


Your organization must have the proper filings that indicate it is a recognized charitable non-profit.

Your Cause

Arpin does not exclude any cause, but we consider the total impact made to the largest number of people when determining partnerships.

CSR Campaigns We're Proud Of

Arpin is always looking to partner with those who are making a difference

Here are some of the organizations we have helped and what we were able to do for them:

August 16, 2020

Arpin helps rural communities in Haiti empower its members by providing expert agricultural assistance, investing in renewables, and supporting higher education.

July 25, 2017

Arpin Raises $5,000 for veterans' charity, Home Base, a program dedicated to healing the invisible wounds for veterans, service members and their families.

April 11, 2013

Arpin personnel regularly help at the RI Community Food Bank to sort and box food through its company sponsored VTO (volunteer time off) program.

Arpin International Movers branded customers first moving box.
Arpin International Movers branded customers first moving box.
Arpin International Movers branded customers first moving box.

Moving For A Cause - Learn About Our CSR Activities

Arpin has decades of experience when it comes to developing CSR programs. If you’re looking for ideas to start yours, check out our free brochure.

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