Containerized Moving Solutions = Efficiency

Containerized moving solutions results in a cost-efficient relocation.
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How do containerized moving solutions support a faster and more cost-efficient relocation? It’s all about planning and avoiding constantly adjusting variables as much as possible. When you ship via a containerized program like with Arpin’s FastPAC services, you have the confidence to lock in delivery dates upfront and the ability to plan the rest of key events, such as temporary accommodation periods, employment start dates, business travels, etc.

A containerized shipping solution differs from traditional domestic moving programs because, at its core, it relies on well-established commercial freight lanes that work on speed and direct routing. With FastPAC, customers’ goods are stored inside wooden vaults built on top of pallets. Packing in this manner reduces the handling of individual boxes (a forklift can now move the bulk load) and allows for transit via expedited shipping channels with pre-established departure and arrival dates. Utilizing Arpin’s FastPAC, a customer, as early as the point of packing, can book and plan for their delivery at their destination, which is impossible to know even up to 24 hours before a possible delivery.

This process results in saving costs in multiple ways for corporate and RMC clients. You can now confidently book temporary accommodation dates without early termination penalties or lost overbooked days. Plan and organize travel schedules and onboarding training sessions, confirm accurate closing dates to pass papers on a new home, and more. With the number of changes and unpredictability in the current market climate, it pays dividends to have the peace of mind that you can rely on your belongings being where you need them when you need them.

To learn more, contact Michael Hughes, VP of Global Business Development, via email at or by calling +1 (718) 427-0438 to take advantage of Arpin’s containerized shipment solution, FastPAC for a faster and more cost-efficient moving solution.

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