Canadian National Railway Workers’ Strike

IBEW strike continues into its fourth day. Negotiations between CN Rail and union representatives continue.
Global Mobility News Alert - Canada Railway Strike
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Canadian National Railway workers’ strike after failing to reach an agreement on 18 June 2022 over benefits and wages, according to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers’ lead negotiator.

The railroad stated in a press release that “normal rail operations continue safely” despite the workout and the two sides continue in negotiations.

The Canadian National Railway is one of two in Canada that transport goods throughout the country and into the U.S. Consequently, since rail is the main source of container transportation from point of entry to inland terminals, we are advising customers with import or export shipments to prepare for some delays as well as additional port storage, demurrage, and various other charges which may be assessed.

Your Arpin Service team is aware of all shipments that may be impacted by the Canadian National Railway workers’ strike and will ensure appropriate parties are kept informed of any potential service disruption.

June 21, 2022

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