Best moving hacks from ”Friends”

Smart people say: ,"You should learn from other's experiences, not yours," and who has the most fantastic moving experience in this field? So, let's see what our 'moving mentors' have to teach us and what are the best moving hacks from ''Friends'' TV Show...
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Did you know best moving hacks can be found in the TV series, “Friends?” Are you planning to move, get a new roommate, or ask friends to help pack for your new apartment? Take a moment to calm down your thoughts and consider the whole moving flow as a severe and demanding business project with hidden obstacles. Smart people say, “You should learn from other’s experiences, not yours,” and who has the most fantastic moving experience in this field? None other than famous TV friends: Joey, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe?! So, let’s see what our ‘moving mentors’ have to teach us about their best best moving hacks from ”Friends.”

Be careful with packing!

Although packing and moving can be fun sometimes, imagine what it’s like to be a porcelain vase without bubble wrap foil on a bumpy road (don’t get us wrong, Joey, your head means much more to us). Oh, and perhaps you would like to keep your witty friends away from your fragile goods and stuff. Instead, call packing and moving professionals who will do their job professionally and responsibly – towards your commodities and our green planet, too!

The best moving hacks golden rule is: It’s all about trust.

Even though it can be fun playing hide and seek from time to time, you better ensure you trust the company you have a contract with. Just in case your friend, someone like Chandler, is not at home when the movers arrive.

Pay attention to your new neighbourhood.

One of those moving tactics is focused on neighbourhood. That’s pretty important, don’t you agree? After you pick the best location near your job, which is probably also close to a park or mall, you have to take a moment and analyze your new neighborhood, too. In that case, you can have a chance for your oboe practice, lemonade with a girl next door (or a coffee with your wife in the café next to your building). Plus, you’ll avoid weirdos with habits of crashing into an apartment and so. The second important thing is not to rely on luck when picking your roommate. Not everyone can have Joey so randomly.

Again, choose your roommate wisely, or the tears will be real.

You better think through if you move in with your dear friends, that’s an important rule of the best moving hacks. Will you keep the friendship and respect between you when you start sharing the living space and mixing habits, or will you make your home a living hell? While you’re thinking about that, we’ll take care of the boxes – before and after, no worries 😉

Good logistics and professional moving coordinators can save your sanity.

Perhaps you are naturally allergic to ‘Pivot, pivot, pivooot’ people and have limited patience for their mathematics, navigation, and leadership skills. Instead, you can look for professional help for a successful move to prevent the lousy allergy reaction by getting a super fast quote and engaging professionals from the start. If you intend to move with the help of friends, please do your best to organize the logistics part and have a precise plan while having enough muscles to carry it out.

All of your inner voices should be satisfied with your new home.

Finding the best option for your home is an essential aspect of your life. When choosing your new home,  it is crucial to ensure that all your needs and wishes are in tune with your inner voices, just in case. And you should have no fears that you’ll lose any of your goods and furniture. We promise you will have the purple chair moved too, safe and sound!

Give your trust with your stuff to someone who values your memories and property.

Even our parents can be unreliable