Benefits of hiring an International Mover

You might see it as moving your entire life to another country, and you won't be far from the truth. The organization of such a move is far from easy unless you have adequate help.
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There are many reasons to hire a moving company specialized in international moving, even when you think you don’t need to. You just can’t ignore the benefits of hiring an international mover. International movers certainly have much more experience, and their professionals can foresee and prevent even the most minor problems. If you also choose a professional company with a strong background, you will not have any issues with the moving process.

Although there are many reasons for hiring experienced international movers, some are very obvious. To start, the international moving company has the experience and knowledge to expertly pack items to withstand the rigours of shipping via air or sea. Also, you’ll need the right know-how plan and moving equipment you certainly do not have, and the company has. The ability to rely entirely on professionals during the whole process is priceless – especially if the moving company can assign you a dedicated, personal Move Coordinator to manage your move and ensure satisfaction.

Don’t be afraid of costs

You might see it as moving your entire life to another country, and you won’t be far from the truth. The organization of such a move is far from easy unless you have adequate help. On your international moving journey, skilled, experienced, and qualified professionals can help you not only with secure packing and shipping but with documentation, too! Talking about benefits of hiring an international mover, one of the most beneficial things is that you don’t have to be afraid of costs! Hiring a moving company can be far cheaper than you think. First of all, it will save you significant money, time, and your sanity. The industry-approved moving companies will serve you without unexpected costs on moving day. You should first choose the moving company whose business model is transparent, honest, and fair. That starts with getting a quotation! The faster you get it, the easier the decision is! (For example, for the accurate and super fast quote, some international movers are offering a virtual survey to completely speed up the process).


You might think that packing is easy peasy fun when you play your favorite music in the background and gather family and friends to help you do the wrapping and sorting… However, packaging requires a lot of time, experience, and knowledge. If you want to pack appropriately, it’s best to get professional help. If you have sensitive or very valuable things, it is best to rely on people with experience. Professionals from the international moving company can help pack your household goods and belongings, but they can undoubtedly organize everything much faster and more securely.


One of the reasons why it is necessary to hire a moving company is transportation and shipping. Not only is it essential to have an action and logistic plan and suitable vehicles, but it is also necessary to provide excellent drivers, moving partners, and concierge. You will hardly be able to organize a high-quality and professional transport from, let’s say, Texas to Ireland on your own. You will have to find people to help you when loading and unloading at origin and destination.

Protection of your household goods

Although many consider shipping abroad complicated mainly because of packaging and loading, it is also essential that you pay attention to protection. Many forget that the safety of your belongings is also important when disassembling and assembling furniture because the furniture is dismantled into many small parts. In any case, the international moving company has skilled professionals who have experience and know their job. At Arpin, our moving staff is at your full disposal when it comes to providing advice on how to organize this in the best way.

Long-term or temporary storage

Sometimes, what you think is well thought out logistics is just not enough to have a smooth moving process. You may need to put some things in storage temporarily. Storage solutions have to be available and affordable, and these solutions can be easily found if you hire an international moving company that can provide you with a perfect storage solution tailored for your needs.


Relocation abroad is incredibly demanding, primarily because of the documentation you must prepare. Thanks to the Internet, it should be easier because you certainly have access to a lot of information in more than one place. However, sometimes it can happen that the documents you are preparing are not so simple to gather, fill, and process further. For certain countries, it is difficult to get a visa, and covid measures are different in each country. It would be best to rely on moving professionals.

Right to know

Best-in-class international moving companies, such as Arpin, track each shipment en route, retrieve all documents, and keep the client and transferee updated throughout the moving process. Taking care of customs clearance, transportation to the residence or a pre-approved storage facility, unpacking and removing all related debris, and space permitting are also part of the international moving service package.

Each international mover has its own business quality assurance program and a different way of providing services, so it is necessary to get more insights and ask important questions before choosing the right international moving partner. It is your right to be fully informed, and Arpin professionals are here 24/7 to answer anything that you want to know!

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*AIG does not service COD customers inside the US.  The domestic pricing offered here is for corporate and related referrals from clients under agreement.

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