Arpin Charitable Fund, Inc. d/b/a Arpin Strong Commemorates The Charity’s Tenth Anniversary

At Tenth anniversary, Arpin Strong reflects on the causes it has helped.
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More than 30,000 participants hit the streets of Boston, MA, USA, on April 17, hoping to make history by completing the grueling 26.2-mile marathon. This year marks the 127th marathon; however, top of mind for the athletes and spectators are the victims of the horrific bombing that occurred a decade earlier.

However, it was in response to the marathon bombing that Arpin Strong was born. As with many tragic events, it fueled a desire in Arpin’s employees to band together and help. And what started as a grassroots effort to support those impacted by the events of that day evolved into a global campaign engaging Arpin’s employees, customers, supplier partners, and other non-profit organizations. Today, Arpin Strong supports charities ranging from homelessness and hunger prevention, veteran and first responder support, healthcare and medical research, wildlife and animal rescue, sustainability and green initiatives, disaster relief, human services, and diversity and inclusion causes.

“Positive change does not happen by accident. It takes the collective actions of people worldwide committed to empowering impoverished and marginalized populations to achieve social, economic, and healthcare equality,” said Karen Bannon, Arpin Strong’s vice president.

At Arpin Strong, our humanitarian commitment is inclusive, permanent, and global in scope. Our team has perfectly synchronized hearts and are always supportive and welcoming to everyone who want to be a part of something bigger.

As we embark on the next decade of service, we will continue to strive to collectively advance transformative solutions to the defining social and environmental issues of our time. To learn more about Arpin Strong and how you can become part of the solution, contact Karen Bannon at All our activities, campaigns, and efforts are transparent and are shown on our website

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