And The Winner Is…Companies Investing In CSR

Positive investments in CSR performance lead the best companies to the top of the heap in the business world.
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Companies investing in CSR are the winners. There’s plenty of good press getting published on companies seeing remarkable returns on their investments in helping employees, customers, and suppliers do more with less. I’ve included one article from Reuters on improved global returns from companies high on the CSR list.

Returns, though, on sustainability come in many different forms. Arpin International Group, as an example, just won two major citizenship awards for our work in ecological stewardship and charity. What does that tell our potential customers? About our heart? Our commitment to communities and people around the world? Versus our competitors? Does it help the “why us” question?

It does indeed. It tells more about our story to potential clients than we can write using thousands of words on our website.

A business wins when they build more than a company. They build a legacy. One worthy of support from others. Good stories. Good culture. All that starts with accountability. And integrity. A passion to give more than you take in life you cannot fake. It is either a belief, a fire that burns in every fiber of your being…or it’s a slogan and a strategy for a day…a month…maybe a year.

This article talks about how higher social scores bring more money in the doors and return to shareholders. Which is great for any business. That is how we are judged as managers and owners. For these winners, is it a moment in the sun? Or will they be back next year…the one after that…as we enter a future decade? Because like our quest to balance an economy with environmental protection, this fight can’t be fleeting. It must endure. And leading the world around good impact must jump to the top of our mission statement. Get into our blood. Be shared in daily life by our employees. Be what we do behind the scenes. In quiet moments and out of the limelight.

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