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Arpin International Group pushes itself to go beyond the move by broadening our understanding of the industry and those we serve by producing original programs that provide greater insight, and a bit of entertainment, for all.

My Expat Moving Story

Follow along as we share the incredible journeys and adventures of those global movers whose unique stories will truly inspire.

International Insights

The moving industry is constantly changing and evolving. Now you can get the insider’s perspective on how they see things.


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Moving In Style

Have you ever wondered what would happen if all Zodiac signs decide to move together?
In this article we are presenting you top 3 hidden European destinations that will make you move! Visiting world-famous cities such as Rome, Paris, London, Vienna, and Berlin is always a good decision, but don't forget that smaller towns have a unique charm.

Meet Arpin's Content Pros

Michael Hughes, VP Global Business Development

Michael Hughes

Covering Moving News and Happenings in the Americas.

Lauren Inglis, Regional Director AIG Middle East and India, hosts My Expat Moving Story.

Lauren Inglis

Covering Moving News and Happenings in the Middle East.

Caroline Curik, Director Business Development, AIG Germany

Caroline Curik

Covering Moving News and Happenings in Europe.

Michael Johnsen, VP APAC/ANZ Region

Michael Johnsen

Covering Moving News and Happenings in Asia.

Peter Arpin, President, Arpin International Group

Peter Arpin

Covering Sustainability and All Things Green-related to Moving.

Mark Greene, SVP GSA Services

Mark Greene

Covering Government Moves and Policies That Effect It.

Karen Bannon, Director of Marketing and ESG

Karen Bannon

Covering Global Marketing and ESG-related Activities.

Janette Tomeselli, International Move Coordinator

Jeanette Tomaselli

Covering the Consumer Side of Moving and What to Expect.

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